12 Most Beautiful (and Expensive!) Celebrity Homes 2017

It’s no secret that Hollywood celebs make a lot more than the average Joe. They at times surpass the established businessmen when it comes to yearly income. So the only issue they have is the problem of choice. As to whether you talk about cars or house, they usually own multiple assests, which makes it hard to choose.

A few days ago, we published our list featuring the most expensive cars owned by celebs, so lets now focus on the most expensive and beautiful Homes owned by these celebs.

Most Beautiful (and Expensive!) Celebrity Homes

# Will and Jada Smith

Valuation: $42 million

# Conan O’Brien

Valuation: $20 million

# Jerry Seinfeld

Valuation: $32 million

# Tiger Woods

Valuation: $60 million

# Matt Damon

Valuation: $15 million

# Oprah Winfrey

Valuation: $85 million

# Rihanna

Valuation: $21.8 million

# Britney Spears

Valuation: $8.5 million

# Jennifer Lopez

Valuation: $ 10 million

# Katy Pery

Valuation: Na

# Jon Bon Jovi

Valuation: $ 40 million

# Tom Brady and Gisele

Valuation: $50 million