10 Celebs Under 30 Worth Over $30 Million

The entertainment industry is more or less about fame, name, and bank balance. The standard set for everyone is pretty high however at times some celebs even surpass almost everyone. For instance look at the celebs featured on this list. Thier age and their net worth hardly make any sense. As when average per capita income in the US is 58,030 PPP dollars, these celebs are making a killing. It rather seems that both age and money is just a number for these rich individuals.

However, there is catch even here. As having this insane wealth along with fame and popularity is not a bench mark for happiness. The society does focus on these factors but still, the grass always looks greener on the other side. So most of these celebs are in fact content with their life but you never know the actual scenario.

For now, let’s check out the rich individuals who have made it before even turning 30.

10 Celebs Under 30 Worth Over $30 Million


Avicii – $54 million

You can tell it’s a unique list when it orders to featured the minimum net worth needs to be $ 54 million. Just 28 years old, Avicii has been active in the game since 2006. For his work, he has been nominated twice for a Grammy Award.

Emma Watson – $60 million

One of the most beautiful celeb in here, Emma Watson rose to prominence with the Harry Potter film series. Prior to that she just did a couple of plays at school. Now, that’s a combo of talent and luck.

Kristen Stewart – $70 Million

People might comment “still a better movie than twilight” on every random video, however, the movie has done wonders for all the lead actors. As it gave a major boost to Stewart’s career which has resulted in a jaw dropping fortune.

Drake – $90 Million

Finally, Drake made it to the Forbes list titled “The Forbes Five” after his net worth peaked at $ 90 million.

Adele – $135 million

Born on 5 May 1988, Adele might be a bit slow as compared to her counterparts while producing new music. However, her music gets so well with the fans that her slow pace hardly makes a difference. The result of all this is in the form of $ 135 million.

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