10 Celebs Under 30 Worth Over $30 Million

Miley Cyrus – $160 million

Lately, Miley has faced some intense heat for her sudden make over. The change was so sudden and noticeable that some of the fans even abandoned her. However, she still retained and gained many new followers with her new outlook. Well for her we can say “that you may love you may hate her but you simply can’t ignore her”.

Daniel Radcliffe – $110 million

It’s not just Emma Watson who got a good start with the Harry Potter series. As even Daniel Radcliffe enjoyed his fair share of success and initial boost.

Taylor Swift – $280 million

The American singer-songwriter has been active since 2004. Since then she has gained a huge fan following a jaw dropping bank balance.

Rihanna – $230 million

A young but talented singer, Rihanna is one of the most popular celebs of the present era.

Justin Bieber – $245 Million

Justin Bieber doesn’t need an introduction as lately his popularity has skyrocketed. With successful tours and album sales, maybe he is the youngest and the richest star below 30.