10 Richest Black Actors in The World (Worth Over $ 2 BILLION)

The black community is now well established in the Hollywood. As to whether it’s music, acting or direction, they have secured their place with sheer talent and hard work. The number is still quite small however with time the gap is filling up fast.

Every year new aspiring actors try their luck in this competitive industry. The chance of succeeding is low as compared to other fields. However, the perks are really good if luck talent and timing all synchronize. For inspiration, young artists often look up to these successful well-established actors. So today we have compiled a 2017 list featuring not just talented but also some of the richest black actors in the world.

We have compiled the list based on their net worth in 2017.

10 Richest Black Actors in The World

# Eddie Murphy $85 M


# LL Cool J $ 100 M


# Martin Lawrence $ 110 M

# Ice Cube $ 140 M


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