10 Richest People of All Time – Mind Boggling

For some money is just a number and after a while, it’s about the score, that they wish to maintain. As the money in their bank account is already enough that chasing it, no longer make sense. When on one hand we have acute poverty, then, on the other hand, we have insane wealth. However, the present scenario may look surprising where billionaires have as much as $ 90 billion(Gates’ net worth) as personal wealth, you may be further surprised by this list.

As we have gone back in time, analyzed, scrutinized and adjusted the wealth as per current inflation, to compile this list. One interesting thing about these billionaires is that not everyone came from a high-class background and also some of the billionaires had no proper education.

Richest People of All Time

10. Cornelius Vanderbilt, $185 billion


At its peak, Vanderbilt’s net worth was estimated to be $ 185, all thanks to his railroads and shipping lines during the 1800s.

9. Henry Ford, $199 billion

Founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford was a well-known businessman in America. His inventions, and deep business sense, also made his one of the richest man in the history.

8. Muammar Gaddafi, $200 billion

Unlike other individuals on the list, Gaddafi lived in the present era. The overthrown ruler of Libya had a staggering net worth of $ 200billion. The politician cum businessman was also known for his atrocities.

7. William the Conqueror, $209 billion

William reigned from 1066 until 1087 and had a net worth of $ 209 billion. He was the first Norman king of England. You might find it funny but at times he was even called “William the Bastard”.

6. Jakob Fugger, $221 billion

Though not as popular as his counterparts, Fugger, was a businessman who lived from 1459 until 1525. His net worth was $ 221 billion which resulted from textile trading.

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