These 5 Celebs Are Worth Over $ 4 Billion Combined

A career in entertainment industry brings in two things, first frame, and second money. So it’s usual for people to show their talent in the right industry and get paid for what they love. However, amongst them, some celebs simply outpace almost everyone in the industry when it comes to their popularity or their bank balance.

These celebs even become the inspiration for young artists who aspire to build a career in Hollywood, which by all means is risky. However, the perks of being successful make the risk worth taking.

So let’s begin our list of the some of the richest celebs as of now:

# Madonna


With a net worth of $910 million, Madonna is by far the richest singer on our list. She is talented and she is a hard worker but achieving this level of success even includes an insane amount of luck. Since 1990, her tours have earned over U.S. $1.31 billion in total revenues. Back in 2007, she signed a U.S. $120 million 360 deal with Live Nation, which was unheard of.

# Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Recent years have been a bit tough for the professional golfer due to his alleged relationships with numerous girls. However, even after those tough times, one thing that remained unchanged is his jaw-dropping net worth which is now estimated to be $900 million. All thanks to his endorsement deals, which were reportedly as high as $100 million.

# Jerry Seinfeld


Beginning his career back in 1976, the actor has come a long way. However, his career gained momentum when in 1989, he along with Larry David created the sitcom “Seinfeld”. The show became a superhit and in the last season, the actor was taking home $ 1 million for each episode. Apart from that he even appeared in numerous movies and also ventured into business. At present, Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is estimated to be $ 860 million.

# P. Diddy

Again and again, Forbes has included P.Diddy in their list featuring the richest rappers. After all, in 2017, his net worth is estimated to be $ 820, which is way more than his counterparts. However, one thing to note her is that Diddy came so far not only due to his musical career but also due to his business ventures. He founded Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group in 1994 and has since then made it into one of the most successful labels.

# Dr. Dre


Thanks to his recent deal with Apple, that Dr Dre has seen a huge increment in his overall net worth, which now stands at $730 million. The rapper is also famous for discovering and shaping the career of numerous other artists, which even includes Eminem. He was previously known for being the member of the rap group N.W.A.