5 Muscle Cars Every Hot Girl Wants Their Man To Drive

If we talk about an average Joe, then girls, money, and cars are the primary focus while day dreaming. Well, even the above average guys and the below average guys somewhat have the same interests. After all, cars define your personality. And if money is not a constraint then guys tend to buy the machine which compliments their own personalities.

So today lets not just focus on what cars a guy wants but rather on what cars women want their men to drive. These are not just mean machines packed with a powerful engine but also a powerful addition to the status symbol. So it’s not only about guys who drool over these cars but also their girlfriends who instantly fall in love with these beauties.

# 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack

GTX may be a bit old but it somehow gives a stiff competition to the new cars. The design makes it elegant and if you are amongst those guys who still prefers a vintage car, then it may suit your style. Powered by a V8 engine, the car could go from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds.

# Chevrolet Camaro SS

Most girls remember this car as Bumblebee, after all he was an important character in the blockbuster, “Transformers”. Still, fans know it by the real name which is Camaro SS. It first went on sale on September 29, 1966, and has now secured its place amongst the best muscle cars.

# Cadillac CTS-V

The 4-door sedan can be dubbed as a beauty and a beast. As on one hand, the car looks pretty awesome on the exteriors, on the other, its powerful engine adds to its features. The muscle car directly competes with rivals such as Audi RS6, and BMW M5.

# Dodge Charger

Thier first model was introduced way back in 1964 and since then the muscle car is quite popular amongst the masses. Present one being the Seventh generation is still high in demand. Available in seven variants, the price can vary in between 27k to 75k.

# Shelby Mustang

No good list about the muscle cars can be complete without including Ford Mustang. As there is something unique about the design and the feel that makes this car class apart from its counterparts. The car is even quite famous with celebs, who tend to fall for this exotic beauty. If our list, convinces you to buy this car, then get ready to drop a whopping 50k.