Brandi Passante Net Worth

Lately, Brandi Passante was all over the news, when one video was posted on (adult website), claiming it to be her. The objectionable video was uploaded by Hunter Moore, who was later sued for $ 2.5 million by Brandi Passante. She even stated that due to the whole incident, she has suffered anxiety and mental trauma as her family’s reputation was at risk. But after this mess, fans want to know what exactly is Brandi Passante Net Worth? After all, it was a $ 2.5 million lawsuit.

Born in Harris County, Texas on May 16, 1980, Brandi Passante first opened an antique store along with her boyfriend. She and Jarrod Schulz started their business much before appearing on the show “Storage Wars”. However, it was only after the show that the couple came to limelight. As of now, though they may be not very rich, still when it comes to a fan following, the duo is enjoying the fame.

brandi passante

Born: 16 May 1980 in Harris, TX.

Name: Brandi Passante

Occupation: storage unit buyer, TV personality

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Brandi Passante Net Worth

YearBrandi Passante Net Worth
2017$ 2 Million
2016$ 930 k
2015$ 900 k
2014$ 820 k

brandi passante net worthThough the court ended the lawsuit in Passante’s favor however it was not exactly what she wanted. As Moore was asked to pay her just $ 750 that too for covering up her legal expenses. The court acknowledged the fact that it was Moore’s mistake and thus even his sites were taken offline. However, a $ 2.5 million claim looked absurd and thus it was ruled out.

Though Brandi Passante may not have received $ 2.5 million, however, her own net worth is close to it. And if upcoming projects go as planned then both Passante and her boyfriend can increase it substantially.