Gorgeous Women Who Dated Billionaires

It’s no secret that guys somewhat falls for beauty while girls secretly wish for an established man. However, society tends to judge those individuals very often and put a label on them. We can’t say whether its right or wrong, still, things do look a bit odd when a guy is in his 60s while the girl is in her 20s. Anyways it’s a free world and people can do what they like. So, for now, let’s focus on some of the elite rich who have dated some of the prettiest girls on this planets. It includes a celeb who charged $ 500k for a single date while the other got a whopping £75m after separation. So let’s start our list:

# Uma Thurman And Arpad Busson

Uma Thurman popularity increased immensely when Kill Bill was released. Amongst the fans, there was the London-based French financier Arpad Busson who became interested in her. The duo met in 2007 and soon started dating. They were spotted together at numerous events however their relationship could not last long and the couple decided to separate in 2009.

During his initial years, Arpad was employed as a marketing representative for Tudor Investments while later he founded the EIM Group.

# Tyra Banks And Shervin Pishevar

Tyra Banks has been linked to many high profile individuals including Tyler Perry, Mark Messier, and Giancarlo Marcaccini. As of now, Banks is known for her relationship with photographer Erik Asla. Prior to that, it was rumored that she had been dating Uber investor Shervin Pishevar. Asla may not be as rich as Pishevar, as Erik Asla net worth is estimated to be $ 3 million, however, the couple is happy together.

Her relationship with the billionaire was just for a short duration however it was enough to bring the duo to the media spotlight.

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# Wendi Deng And Rupert Murdoch

Though the couple has now separated however they are worth mentioning on our list. As Wendi Deng And Rupert Murdoch had been married for 14 years before they parted their ways in 2013. The Australian-born American media mogul, Rupert Murdoch has a jaw-dropping net worth of US$13.1 billion. After separating from Deng, he married Jerry Hall in 2016.

# Kim Kardashian And Richard Lugner

Remember we discussed a celeb who charge $ 500k for a single date. Well by now you must have guessed whom we were talking about. As back in 2014, Richard Lugner offered $ 500k for a single date with the celeb. The offer looked too good to turn down and thus Kim happily agreed. However, later Lugner called her “boring” because she did not want to dance with him. Previously the business tycoon had even invited Kim’s good friend Paris Hilton.

# Christina Estrada And Sheikh Walid Juffali

Juffali married the American former Pirelli Calendar model, Christina Estrada in 2001. However, in 2012, he even married the 25-year-old Lebanese model, Loujain Adada as Saudi law allows up to four wives. Soon after that, Estrada started divorce proceedings. She even won the divorce settlement of £75m to sustain her luxurious lifestyle.