Highest Paid Singers In The World

2015 has proved to be a great year for the top 100 celebrities. And if in 2016, we write a single check for the combined income of the top 100, it would simply exceed $ 5 billion. Amazing, isn’t it?

Until now it was a common belief that in order to be super rich ones needs to be a hardcore businessman, however lately the scenario is changing pretty fast. Well, we won’t compare these celebrities to the super rich billionaires, still, what they earned in the previous year is surely worth a note.


So the list featuring the highest paid celebrities goes like this:


#1: Taylor Swift – $170 Million


If you had already guessed the number one contender on the list, we wouldn’t be surprised. As Taylor Swift is already making headlines on the major news channel for the jaw-dropping moolah that she is making.

The majority of her earning comes from the tour “1989 “, which could bring her more than $ 5 million per night. There were total 85 shows, almost all houseful. So guessing her earnings won’t be difficult.


 #2: One Direction – $110 Million


Although Zayn Malik, one important member, had left the band back in 2015. Still, the remaining four members could earn a whopping $ 110 million through music sales and tours. The band is going strong and still commands a decent fan following, which directly affected their total income.


#3: Adele –  $80.5 million


Adele is slow while producing music. However whenever she do, her fans show their full support. And after all her tracks are unique resulting in a huge fan following across the globe.

In the previous year, the singer could earn over $ 80 million. And with the news of her new deal with Sony, future looks very bright for her.


#4: Beyonce And Jay-Z – $107.5 Million


Whenever we talk about a list featuring the top earner or the richest stars, two names somehow always make their way to the list. It’s none other than Beyonce And Jay-Z, who together earned over $ 100 million dollars in 2015.

And now with the sale of Tidal, the figure will improve significantly.