Hottest Blonde Bombshells In Hollywood #1

Some agree while some deny but the truth is well known, that guys do have a thing for blondes. As though every race, every color is beautiful in its own sense, however, blondes somehow enjoys special privilege when it comes to Hollywood. There is also a rumor that blonde may look way more beautiful however they are not as intelligent as Brunette, Red or Black. However, it seems more of a misconception as blondes from Hollywood do look pretty smart too.

Anyways let’s see some of the hottest blonde bombshells, who now enjoys a huge fan following.


# Margot Robbie

She may not be as popular as her counterparts however Margot Robbie looks stunning all due to her onscreen persona. The Australian actress began her career in 2008 and has till date worked in movies such as Suicide Squad and The Legend of Tarzan. Her popularity increased immensely after she appeared with Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

# Scarlett Johansson

Born November 22, 1984, Scarlett Johansson is not just an American actress, but also a model and a singer. Johansson is not just popular amongst fans rather she is even quite famous in the industry as well. The 32 years old blonde has dated some of the hottest dudes, all thanks to her amazing appearance and career stats.

# Brooklyn Decker

Beautiful eyes, elegant looks, and long legs, what else can a man desire? Well, Brooklyn is a serious contender when it comes to the hottest blondes. On top of that, her super off-screen nature makes her more attractive than her contemporaries. In one interview she even said, “I have a really difficult time watching myself on film. I literally cower in my seat and cover my face”.

# Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t come fourth, as the names on this list are random. Otherwise, she would have been mention much earlier. Apart from being one of the most followed actresses, she is also a savvy businesswoman. As featured in lists like  “The Most Beautiful Woman” and “Sexiest Woman of All Time”, she has also appeared on lists titled “Richest Hollywood Celebs”.

# Jennifer Lawrence

Her movies have grossed over $5.5 billion worldwide, so there is no doubt that is not just beautiful but also very famous. The actress was born on August 15, 1990 while she began her career in 2006. Then within a short duration of  time, she emerged as a global personality with fans scattered all over the world.