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Youtube has become a powerful social media site, which is now just behind Facebook. And as they say, that soon that video search would take over traditional text, so most probably the site would see a phenomenal growth in the coming times. Along with site’s success, even numerous YouTubers have seen a sharp increase in their overall popularity and even in their net worth. Once such Youtuber is Joey Graceffa who now has millions of subscribers on Youtube and has a cool net worth of $ 3.5 million.

However not long ago, the scenario was totally different, as Joey has himself described the troubled childhood. Though with rising popularity of Youtube, his screen persona and maybe a little bit of luck, Graceffa has evolved to be one of the most important Youtuber. So now the only question that arises is that how this all happened?

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Joey_Graceffa net worth

NameJoseph Michael Graceffa
Total Subscribers9 M +
Height1.8 m
Age26 years

Joey Graceffa net worth

YearJoey Graceffa net worth
2017$ 3.5 million
2016$ 3 million
2015$ 2.8 million
2014$ 2.7 million

On an average, he earns $ 1 million per annum. The figure is likely to increase substantially all thanks to his rising popularity.

2017 seems promising for the young actor, however, things were not like this always. Son of Joe Graceffa and Debbie O’Connor, he was born on May 16, 1991. He has one sister, Nicole and a half-brother named Jett. Childhood was not easy for young Graceffa as his mother was a drug addict and his half-brother diagnosed with autism. Apart from that, due to his soft nature, he was bullied at school. Graceffa even recalled all the hardships in his book “In Real Life“, which also became “New York Times Best Seller” in July 2015.

It’s not just acting and Youtube that he is confined to. As Graceffa has even announced his jewelry line called “Crystal Wolf”, and has coauthored the novel titled Children of Eden.


Well, some fans confused Graceffa as being bisexual. However, in his book, the Youtube star cleared all the doubts. As in one of the chapters he even wrote “Surprise! I’m Gay!”. So now the next question is that who exactly is he dating?

At present, he is a relationship with Daniel Preda, a creative producer.

With Daniel