Mark Cuban, Amongst Other Billionaires, May Run For The President

A couple of months back, it was speculated that the Facebook CEO may be possibly running for president in 2020. After all, apart from traveling to all 50 states and meeting with the leaders and constituents, his team even hired political advisers like Joel Benenson. However ending all the rumors, Mark Zuckerberg himself denied all such aspirations.

This time there is again a Silicon Valley billionaire, who has been in the news lately for his political aspirations. It’s none other than a staunch Hilary supporter, Mark Cuban. In a recent interview, the Dallas Mavericks team owner admitted that he is considering opposing President Donald Trump in the next election. He even made it clear that he may run as a Republican, further adding “The positive about running as a Republican is that you get to go head on with Trump in the primaries”. Then Cuban even has a chance for an independent run, as he is not affiliated with any party. It would give him in extra edge while finalizing his key agendas.

However, Cuban was also quick to point out the reason why he may not run for the president. Responding to the interviewer about his plans he asked: “What caring, loving parent would put three young children through the disaster?” Still this time, he looked more inclined towards the proposition.

Rumors have also made the rounds about Bob Iger, the chief executive of Disney, and Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO, possibly taking on the incumbent POTUS.

Though at present its unclear as who will actually run for the president in 2020. Still, one thing is for sure that is these billionaires compete in the next elections, the whole scenario would be much more interesting to watch.