Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Fans love their favorite celebs, so it’s not unusual that celebs are quite open about their personal lives. Whether it’s about the car they drive, the home they live or even their relationship status, hardly anything is kept as a secret. Media spot light often focuses on their lifestyle and even on their net worth. As they are not just famous but also quite rich.

So whenever there is a new celebrity link up or breakup, the news spreads like fire. Well, this list is no ordinary breakup countdown rather it includes some of the most expensive breakups via court battles. So let’s see who are the celebs who were once deeply in love but now was ways apart.

Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces


Donald Trump & Ivana Trump – $14 Million

It’s not just due to his recent comments that Trump came into the media spot light, as he has always been known as the ladies man. From the very start, Donald Trump has been known for his savvy business skills and his popularity amongst women. He married Ivana Zelníčková in 1977 and remained with her till 1992. After their divorce, Ivana was entitled to $ 14 million in cash along with other assets.

Phil Collins & Orianne Cevey – $46.76 Million

The couple got married back in 1999. Together they even have a son, however, their relationship could not go for long and it ended in a divorce in 2008. With the ending of his nine years old marriage, the divorce settlement was finalised at $46.76 Million.

James Cameron & Linda Hamilton – $50 Million


In the year 1997, Linda Hamilton became James Cameron’s fourth wife. It all looked good in the beginning, however, the marriage was short lived. As only after 2 years, the couple decided to separate. Now the exact reason behind this is not much clear however one thing that is quite clear is that Hamilton added additional $ 50 million to her net worth after the divorce.

Michael Jordan & Juanita Jordan – $200 Million

Second on our list is Michael Jordan & Juanita Jordan, who were once a powerful couple. The duo had first met in the late 80s. Since then they remained together for over 1 decade. Juanita stood along side Michael during his struggling days, the couple even enjoyed the success together. However, in the early 2000s due to some differences, they parted their ways. Later they got back together before divorcing again in the year 2006. Media reports suggest that the final divorce amount stood at $200 Million.

Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore Gibson – $425 Million

Well if you are a bit shocked seeing the settlement amount then don’t worry you are not the first one. As though we all know that Mel is a rich Hollywood celeb who has earned way too much via numerous hit movies. However, when his 31 years old relationship with his wife, Robyn Moore, ended, it led to a divorce settlement of a whopping $ 425 million. As Gibson’s net worth of $850m was divided in between him and his ex-wife.