Revealed: The Billionaires Who Got Richest Quickest

Earning a billion dollar is surely no small deal. And if you are self-made then even earning the first million is not an easy task. Well, there are still people who not only make their first million quickly but also attain a billionaire status. For some, it seems impossible, for others it takes a lifetime but then there are just a handful of individuals who multiply their bank balance in a very short duration.

Gone are the days when in order to be rich one had to wait for long. As some of the individuals on our list are youngsters who are in their late 20s. Technology has really changed the way we live. God knows what would happen after a couple of years. Today you might read this article and few years down the line we might publish another list of billionaires who might be in their early 20s.

So let’s see who were the lucky ones, who could make it quickly.

He is the chairman and general manager of Sanqi who had earlier worked in numerous IT firms, prior to 2011.


Jerry Yang needs no formal introduction after all he is the co-founder of Yahoo, one of the biggest web portal.

With a net worth of $ 3.8 billion USD, Filo is now one of the richest people in the world. He is the co-founder of Yahoo along with Jerry Yang.

Evan Spiegel is just 26 years old and already a billionaire. He is the co-founder of the messaging app Snapchat.

Just two years older than Spiegel, Murphy is another youngster who is now a billionaire, all thanks to his messaging app Snapchat.

Cheng Wei launched Didi Dache in 2012 and by 2015 he already made his first $ 1 billion.

Now worth over $ 8 billion, Omidyar made his first billion in just 3 years of launching the famous auction site eBay.

The daily deals site Groupon made him his first billion just within 3 years after the launch.

Mason is the co-founder of Groupon who also attained the billionaire status. However, as of now, his net worth is near $ 200 million.


For some believing ghosts and supernatural is easier than to believe in a story of a guy who made $ 1 billion in just 1.5 years. That is a record which is quite hard to break. From a $15 million investment in Global Crossing, he could actually make $4.5 billion in 18 months.