Top 10 Richest Basketball Players In The World

Basketball is popular worldwide however when it comes to the United States, there is no match. As the game enjoys a special privilege here with millions of fans, supporting their respective teams religiously. For us Americans, it’s more than a regular game, just like baseball or boxing.

So when there is no doubt about the popularity of basketball in America, there is still is some confusion regarding the richest basketball players in the world. As, where most fans do know that Michael Jordan is the richest basketball player in the world not many know about the remaining top 10 players.

These players have been making millions in salary, however, a major chunk of their fortune also comes from endorsements, public appearance and especially by business ventures. Many even have their shoe line, which significantly increases their fortune.

So without discussing further their source of income or the popularity of the game, let’s just get onto the list.

Top 10 Richest Basketball Players In The World

The net worth of these players depends on the ongoing projects and annual income.

Tim Duncan: $130 million



Gary Payton: $130 million


Grant Hill: $180 million


Kevin Garnett:  $190 million



Hakeem Olajuwon: $ 200 million

Hakeem Olajuwon

LeBron James: $ 300 million


Kobe Bryant: $ 320 million

Kobe Bryant


Magic Johnson: $ 500 million

Magic Johnson


Michael Jordan: $ 1.1 billion

Michael Jordan