Top 10 Richest Black Actresses 2017 (Combined Net Worth $ 3.5 Billion)

There is a common thinking that every black celeb who is famous is quite rich. However, in this ever changing world, hardly anything remains static. Even when it comes to the net worth of individuals, either it’s going up or it’s going down. Hardly you will find a celeb whose net worth is not changing with time.

So every year, the list featuring the richest actors and actresses needs to be updated. Keeping in mind the current net worth, income from movies, music, and other projects.

So in order to compile 2017 list, we revisited all the available sources online for latest data featuring some of the richest black actresses in the world.

Well, as usual, the first name that comes up is Oprah who is more active as a business woman and a host. However as she has also worked as an actress, so we included her in our list. Her net worth exceeds the combined fortune of all other celebs on this list. The difference is gigantic, however, all other names that appear are equally popular and talented.


Top 10 Richest Black Actresses 2017


  • #1: Oprah Winfrey – $ 3.1 billion USD


  • #2: Janet Jackson  – $150 Million


  • #3: Queen Latifah  – $60 Million


  • #4: Phylicia Rashad – $55 Million


  • #5: Raven-Symone – $55 Million

  • #6: Whoopi Goldberg – $45 Million

  • #7: Vanessa Williams – $27.5 Million

  • #8: Angela Bassett – $20 Million

  • #9: Jada Pinkett-Smith – $20 Million

  • #10: Thandie Newton – $17.5 Million