Top 10 Richest YouTubers Made Over $70 Million In 2017

If you are reading this list, have some spare time, and want a decent bank balance, then open a Youtube channel. Well, this world is uncertain and you really don’t know what people might like next. After all, creativity along with luck and dedication has resulted in a new class of millionaires, who could achieve this status via the Social platform.

Mostly, youngsters, their career span ranges in between 5 to 10 years. Thanks to the platform, they have quickly gained millions of followers which have directly boosted their income. It’s not just through ad revenues that these celebs earn rather they also make a decent amount via endorsements. So let’s see which Youtuber could earn the moolah this year.

Top 10 Richest YouTubers And Thier Income

PewDiePie (Income $ 15 million)

Without a doubt, PewDiePie is the richest Youtuber till date. Once the shy guy, the comedian is now quite open about everything and creates content catered towards the user’s interest. It has attracted over 54 million subscribers on Youtube and even millions of fans on his other social accounts.

Roman Atwood (Income $ 8 million)

With 12.6 million subscribers, Atwood came second on our list. The vlogger made a career on Youtuber posting prank videos, which attracted both fans and critics. Atwood’s prank videos have got more than 1.4 billion views, which has resulted in his cool earnings via the site.

Lilly Singh (Income $ 7.5 million)

With over 2.2 million Twitter followers and 6.1 million Instagram followers, Lilly Singh is now one of the most subscribed Youtuber. The young star has completed one tour and has even worked in a documentary.

Smosh (Income $ 7 million)

Lately, their income has declined if compared to the revenue generated in 2015. As in 2015, the duo could earn $ 8.5 million while this year the income was around $ 7 million. The figure may have declined still it is enough to land them on our list.

Rosanna Pansino ($ 6 million)

American actress, baker, and YouTube personality, Rosanna Pansino is popular amongst her fans for the show “Nerdy Nummies”. She began her Youtube career in 2010 while prior to that he even appeared on VH1’s Scream Queens (2008).

Tyler Oakley ($ 6 million)

Not just a Youtube personality but also an author and activist, Tyler Oakley could earn $ 6 million in between 2016 and 2017. He first started uploading videos in 2007 and has now become one of the biggest YouTuber.

Markiplier ($ 5.5 million)

Mark Fischbach, best known as Markiplier, is a gaming Youtuber. From a troubled childhood to successful Youtube career, Markiplier now has over 16.9 million Youtube subscribers.

Germán Garmendia ($ 5.5 million)

Having nearly 50 million subscribers over three Youtube channels, Germán Garmendia is an author, musician, and comedian.

Rhett & Link ($5 million)

The  Internet comedy duo has been active since 2001 however they began their Youtube career years later.  In 2009,  they even appeared on Business Insider’s Top 25 Most Creative People in Advertising List.

Colleen Ballinger ($ 5 million)

As reported by Forbes magazine, Ballinger could reportedly earn $ 5 million in 2016. The income resulted from Netflix series deal and standup tour.