Top 50 Most expensive club transfers in football history (+Fee)

If we go by the layman’s definition, transfer in sports means a “fee paid by one soccer or rugby club to another for the transfer of a player”. So it’s basically the amount paid to acquire a player, however it may sound simple but its a complex process. As it not only involves the management of the two clubs but also various agents and mediators who represent the player.

The high amount is not directly related to the performance of the player. As seen recently in the case of Paul Pogba. According to his manager, it has rather affected the player’s performance due to high pressure.

So today we have prepared a list featuring the most expensive transfer fees.


Players (Nation)Transfer feeClub Transfer
1. Paul Pogba€105 millionJuventus to Manchester United(2016)
2. Gareth Bale (Wales)€100.8 millionTottenham to Real Madrid(2013)
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)€94.4 millionMan United to Real Madrid(2009)
4. Luis Suarez (Uruguay)€94 millionLiverpool to FC Barcelona(2014)
5. Neymar (Brazil)€86.2 millionSantosh to FC Barcelona(2013)
6. James Rodriguez (Colombia)€80 millionMonaco to Real Madrid(2014)
7. Angel Di Maria (Argentina)€75.75 millionReal Madrid to Man United(2014)
8. Zinedine Zidane (France)€75 millionJuventus to Real Madrid(2001)
9. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)€69.79 millionWolfsburg to Manchester City(2015)
10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)€68.5 millionInter milan to Barcelona(2009)
11. Kaka (Brazil)€65 millionAC milan to Real Madrid(2009)
12. Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)€64 millionNapoli to PSG(2013)
13. David Luiz (Brazil)€63.44 millionChelsea to PSG(2014)
14. Raheem Sterling (Jamaica)€62.17 millionLiverpool to Manchester City(2015)
15. Radamel Falcao (Colombia)€60 millionAtletico Madrid to AS Monaco(2013)