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Everbody loves rags to riches story. Especially if one is struggling to make his/her dreams come true. After all, these are not just stories but the most inspiring biographies that you can read on the internet. One name which is often neglected but is worth mentioning is that of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. As it, not just Vladimir Putin net worth that brought him to the media spotlight but his story from a humble beginning to awe inspiring new heights is quite interesting.

Recent reports suggest that as of now Putin might be the richest person in the world. By richest, we mean a fortune that completely overshadows the combined net worth of both Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. As Bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management revealed that Putin may have accumulated such an enormous net worth after taking over the office in 1999. To be precise Browder estimates Putin’s net worth to be $ 200 Billion. So now the question that may linger is that how all this exactly happened? 

Vladimir Putin net worth

Vladimir Putin Net Worth (Biography)

Born on 7 October 1952 to Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, a sailor and Maria Ivanovna Putina, an unskilled worker, Vladimir is the youngest of three children. He had two elder brothers who both died at a young age. The family struggled financially and thus they lived in a communal building, with minimum basic amenities. Even the area in which they resided was not very good as feuds, fights were common. It may have even motivated young Putin to learn martial arts. As he started practicing sambo and judo when he was just 12 years old.

During his mid teens, Putin decided his life’s goal which was to become a spy. After getting fluent in German, he got selected as a spy and was later sent to Dresden. Putin excelled at what he did and even got the attention of his seniors. However after the Berlin Wall fell, he was back to square one with an uncertain future. It was his new contacts with politicians and powerful individuals that led to his new career path.

Being a hard worker, Putin just needed a chance to prove himself. Rest it all became well known how he could work up the ladder and quickly became a very successful politician.


Vladimir Putin with his parents

Amongst other businesses, Putin is believed to have a 37% control in the oil company ­Surgutneftegaz.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth (House And Cars Collection)

Media reports suggest that Putin has a lavish lifestyle. As he owns as many as 700 luxury cars and has 20 beautiful mansions acrosss the globe. His palatial mansion alone is worth over $ 1 billion while some properties are not publically known.

Apart from that Puttin owns 58 aircraft which includes an Ilyushin Il-96.

Age has been never a barrier for him. As even at the age 64, he is quite active and still loves hunting in the woods.

Note: Vladimir Putin net worth is estimated to be $ 200 billion, however, other sources still claim that it’s somewhere near $ 70 billion