Whats New For Drake And Ludacris In 2017? Feud Over

The year 2017, seems promising for both the rappers. As on one hand, Drake has now become a cash magnet while even Ludacris is busy working on his new projects. Lately, the rappers were in the news when finally their ongoing beef ended, which had originally started in 2010. As back then, Drake in an interview talked about Ludacris, who was busy promoting his Battle Of The Sexes album. Drizzy noticed that Ludacris had used Big Sean’s “Supa Dupa” flow. So he said “”I hate that rappers picked that flow up,”, further adding “I wish they had left that for people that know how to use it.” Luda was quick with his response and since then both the artist kept firing versus one after another.

However, now it seems that finally, the matter has settled after so many years. As both Drizzy and Luda know the value of their time, which should be better utilized. So, the question arises that what’s next?


After being included in the Forbes List featuring the richest Hip Hop artists, earning 13 awards at Billboard Music Awards, and completing his “Boy Meets World Tour”, Drake seems to be everywhere. As of now, the rapper disclosed his plans for getting a Celine Dion Tattoo, whom he admires. For now, fans can wait for his “More Life” project, while later this year, new songs might be released along with artists such as Kayne and Taylor Swift.Drake surely is a hard working artist, who seems to be always focused on his work.

He even surprised his Toronto fans by performing live with Weekend on “Starboy: Legend of the Fall’ Tour.


Same like Drake, even Luda is quite busy this year, as on one hand, he would host “Fear Factor” while on the other, fans would see him hosting Youtube’s ‘Best.Cover.Ever’ Show. With the release of his new video “Vitamin D”, the rapper is likely to work on other projects as well. In an interview, he has already confirmed his ninth studio album, which would be released soon.