Who Is Richer Than Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos Combined? Update 2017

Well, nothing can be said about anything anyone in this world. As when the world was focusing on Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos trying to figure out that who is the richest person in the world, there came a new entrant. Though it might not be the first time that Putin has made headlines regarding his net worth, however, this time it comes from a much reliable source with more accuracies.

As a few days back, the CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, Bill Browder, came up with this data. The renowned financier reportedly told media that at present, Putin’s net worth is likely to be somewhere near $ 200 billion. The figure simply overshadows the combined net worth of both Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos which would add up to $ 183 billion.


Now the question that may arise is that how is it even possible? I mean when everyone is obsessed with Gates and Bezos’ net worth trying to calculate how many Lamborghinis or how many full fledged companies you could buy with their money, there comes Putin.

For the general masses, Putin has been a modest President, who still makes $133,000 a year and owns an apartment in Moscow. However, as per Browder, the Russian President made a deal with Russian businessmen and other individuals, which resulted in his jaw dropping net worth. He then became the biggest oligarch in Russia.

Well for now nothing is clear. However one thing is for sure that Mr Putin is extremely rich.