You Won’t Believe How These Celebrities Spend Their Hard Earned Cash!

Hollywood celebs are well known for their lifestyle. After all, the money they earn is insane, all thanks to the wide audience that is not just limited to America rather scattered all over the world. Each year, online sources like Forbes publish their list of highest-earning celebrities, which is jaw dropping. However when it comes to Hollywood then we can safely say that even the average Joe makes a decent moolah to sustain a good lifestyle.

For now, let’s focus on the top earners, who earns and spends like a king. These celebs have made numerous headlines, especially for their exotic lifestyle.

# Nicolas Cage

Blowing $ 150 million is not an easy task well at least if you are not Nicholas Cage. Once with a net worth of $ 150 million, Cage was also one of the highest paid actors in the industry. As during the peak of his career, he was making $ 20 million per film, however, his spending somehow exceeded his income. As the actor went on a shopping spree and had a wide collection of items such as shrunken pygmy heads, exotic cars, and yachts. His cars collection included a $ 450k Miura SVJ and a $ 1 million Ferrari Enzo.


# Paris Hilton

Only a handful dog lover can meet Paris Hilton’s standards when it comes to spending. As the multi-millionaire singer cum actress made headlines after she spent a whopping $325,000 on a custom doghouse. With a net worth of nearly $ 100 million, it was a small pocket change for her. The cute house even has an air conditioning,  mini designer furniture, ceiling moldings, and a small black chandelier.


# Lady Gaga

Next on our list is Lady Gaga who is more popular amongst fans for her unique fashion style. She is one of the richest singers with a net worth of $ 280 million, so spending for unusual items is never an issue. The singer once bought a ghost detecting machines for a whopping $ 56k, just to make sure that she is not haunted by an evil spirit. Now whether it was just due to fascination or real fear, it is not quite clear.


# Akon

Though he might have a shady past, Akon somehow managed to become a powerful celeb in Hollywood. His net worth as of 2017 is estimated to be $ 80 million. So when once he became interested in diamonds, he didn’t purchase it in a traditional way. As rather than buying a couple of diamonds, the singer reportedly purchased a  mine in South Africa. It even brought unwanted media attention and rude comments from fans, who could relate his recent purchase with the concept of the movie “Blood Diamond(2006)”.


# Mike Tyson

If you were baffled by Nicholas Cage net worth and his spending habits, there is more stuff to amaze you. As during his career, Tyson blew around $ 300 million on various items. He earned the money via boxing, endorsements, public appearances etc. However, the retired boxer’s lavish lifestyle led to a decline in his fortune which is now estimated to be $ 1 million. Once he even purchased two white tigers for a whopping  $150,000, as dogs would have been too mainstream.